Walks on the rivers and channels of Petersburg, driving on boats in water areas of Neva and gulf of Finland, fascinating excursions!

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How to find us


Saint-Petersburg emb. of the Moika river 47

phone number . (812) 716-82-66

This phone number is on 24 hours.
You can ask any questions by phone about our ships, boats, routes, price. We are ready answer you.
Call any time!!!

mail: new-river@bk.ru


Our friends

Cafe «Iris» - a rainbow of taste.
Saint-Petersburg, Degtyarny str. 1/8, phone: 274-2198

Restraunt «Nash Piter» - an island of rest and bless in crazy life-stream of Petrogradskaya side.
Saint-Petersburg, Blohina str. 23, phone: 233-9771

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                                (911) 754-17-17   /   (812) 716-82-66    | new-river@bk.ru | "New River" club vkontakte