Walks on the rivers and channels of Petersburg, driving on boats in water areas of Neva and gulf of Finland, fascinating excursions!

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Have a rest with us...

High level, unforgettable impressions, delightful climatic conditions, individual approach to everyone, fascinating travel on reservoirs of the most beautiful city, comfortable rest at last … think Venice or Amsterdam … is not present - you receive all this on walks on the rivers and channels of St.-Petersburg... The Cultural megacity draws attention of several millions tourists from all corners of the world. And it is clear why. St.-Petersburg - magnificent city, a fairy tale or a dream having plunged in which will not want to wake up. It involves, century traditions and monuments of architecture. Will agree, not seldom having plunged in work or business family, we realize, that have forgotten city in which we live and it is indefatigably admired. Quite often we show lack of initiative in a choice of really qualitative and fascinating rest. And in fact actually it is difficult to present, that can be finer than walks on reservoirs of favourite city.

Our company with pleasure considers any wishes of the visitor:
Romanticism - come on!… Really you would not like to make day of the offer of a hand and heart the most surprising and unforgettable for your love, or to note anniversary with the favourite, watching a water smooth surface and the star sky.
Extreme - the high-speed sportboat will help you to fly by literally above Petersburg and behind its limits. Undoubtedly, inflow of adrenaline and never-ending amount of positive emotions will not keep itself waiting.
Entertainments - birthday or the corporate party, visitors will be happy with originality of round and a luxury degree of service.
Cognitive - the visitor from the far abroad to friends or relatives skilled guides in any language of the world, it is possible and by means of gestures, will tell about history of centuries. In fact many decades dream to take pleasure in architectural beauty of St.-Petersburg. Certainly, night excursions, on the rivers and channels, especially during the white nights, will help to experience an atmosphere really unique city. And whether you saw sometime the eyes as raise the well-known Petersburg bridges at night?..
And if you were upset, having thought, that for a couple of walks will see all and there will be nothing to leave on then more, do not experience, in Petersburg more than 93 rivers and channels and about 20 channels. We assure, highly skilled employees will not allow to miss and necessarily will show something new, what yet did not see.
A variety of routes, wide assortment of offered services will pleasantly surprise our visitors.

We make only the best rest on water!!!

High-speed boat Fibrafort style 190

If you dreamed for a long time to visit the most beautiful places you can not reach overland? Then this boat will help you to make it. Fast and maneuverable it bring you with readiness on any channels and the rivers of Petersburg. Unforgettable positive impressions of flying on a water smooth surface. The most popular walking boat...

The sportboat Chaparral

Northern Venice

We present to make to you fascinating travel on the rivers and channels of St.-Petersburg. Not without reason our fine city name " Northern Venice ". You will receive unforgettable impressions which for a long time will remain in your memory.
It's really amazing unique floating fountain, in the most large position of the river Neva directly in front of the Vasiljevsky arrow. Fantastic illumination and fairy show happan there every white night...

Fountan on the river


On-line rent of boat or steam-ship
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The schedule of distributing of bridges

Volodarsky from 2.00 till 3.45 and from 4.15 till 5.45
Finlandsky from 2.20 till 5.30
Alexander Nevskogo from 2.20 till 5.10
Bolsheochtinsky from 2.00 till 5.00
Litejny from 1.40 till 4.45
Troitsky from 1.40 till 4.50
Dwortsovyj from 1.25 till 4.55
Lieutenant Schmidt:
Reconstructed from 1.00 till 5.00
Roundabout from 1.25 до 2.45 and from 3.10 till 5.00
Birgevoy from 2.00 till 4.55
Tuchkov from 2.00 till 2.55 and from 3.35 till 4.55
Sampsonievsky from 2.10 till 2.45 and from 3.20 till 4.25
Grenadersky from 2.45 till 3.45 and from 4.20 till 4.50
Kantemirovsky from 2.45 till 3.45 and from 4.20 till 4.50

And also...

If the corporate party or a wedding banquet by the comfortable steam-ship is necessary to you - it is there! Get memories that will heat you in the cold evenings. We will help you.

At your order such steam-ships as:





You can find out more detailed information by phones:
(911) 754-17-17 | (812) 716-82-66
Or having written to us: new-river@bk.ru

Want more...

There is no place to lead a grandiose holiday? It would be desirable to celebrate wedding or anniversary originally? Steam-ship "Gloria" - your holiday on water. We spend weddings, banquets and corporate parties, tourist walks. Capacity of the steam-ship up to 170 passengers...

More about "Gloria"   |   photo of the steam

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