Walks on the rivers and channels of Petersburg, driving on boats in water areas of Neva and gulf of Finland, fascinating excursions!

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The sights of Saint-Petersburg

Winter flute

The winter flute connects Neva to the Moika river. It has received the name from the Winter palace constructed for Peter I, later on a place of this palace have erected building of Hermitage theatre.

The flute has been dug under direction of the visible contractor on digging works Vasily Ozerov's in 1718-1720, and the quay has received the name...

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The Peter and Paul fortress

The first construction of new Russian capital, the Peter and Paul Fortress, takes the central place in an architectural composition of Petersburg, and a Peter and Paul cathedral being in its territory with a high belltower is one of the main signs of city. The fortress has been incorporated on May, 16th, 1703...

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Griboedov's channel

Griboedov's channel departs from the main river and runs into the river Fontanka.

On a place of the channel proceeded earlier the twisting small river which named Krivusha. In 1764 - 1783 this rivulet has been cleared away and considerably profound. Quays of the formed channel have laid out a natural stone...

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Rescuee-on-blood temple

One of the most beautiful cathedrals of St.-Petersburg, "Rescuee-on-blood" has been erected on a place of murder of emperor Alexander II. Attempt at emperor has been accomplished on March, 1st, 1881, and already next day the Municipal duma has decided to erect a monument for...

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Bridges of Saint-Petersburg

St.-Petersburg or so called "Northern Venice" is the city constructed on islands. Its central part is bound by a network of channels and the rivers through which the set beautiful is thrown, unique in own way, bridges. Not without reason Petersburg is famous for the whole world for the leaf bridges. At all, in northern capital of our Native land, including suburbs...

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New Holland

Behind the kissin bridge on small triangular island, in the beginning of XVIII century received the name «New Holland», formed by the Moika river and channels Kryukov and Krushtain, is a unique monument of industrial architecture of XVIII century — ensemble «New Holland». Gallernaya shipyard located nearby, channels, affinity of a gulf — all this has caused...

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The Copper Horseman

Each town has the symbol, which as the portrait of the person or a secret code, opens a way to comprehension of the essence. The symbolics of St.-Petersburg is many-sided, as the city is many-sided also. Petersburg is all together and all at once. Therefore among its symbols is both the Admiralty ship, and an angel on a spike of the Peter and Paul belltower - rising spirit of Petersburg, and lions - eternal guards of city...

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Isaakievsky cathedral

The history of construction of Isaakievsky cathedral goes back to the first years of existence of Petersburg. On a church calendar day of st. Isaaky Dalmatsky - on May, 30th, is Peter's I birthday. Therefore the first wooden Isaakievsky church has appeared at the western flank of Admiralty on coast of Neva in 1710 In 1818 have started erection of a cathedral under Monferrana's proceeded of 40 years the project...

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Arrow of Vasilievsky island

The first seaport of Petersburg was quay before Peter's I Small house on Troitskaya place where for the first time in history of Petersburg sea vessels from Holland and England was received.

Then quay have transferred on island Vasilevsky. Architectural registration of this part of island concerns to this time. There is a customs, customs buildings - warehouses, stone Gostiny court yard. The area is formed. In the spring, with arrival of the foreign ships...

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Winter palace (Hermitage)

The first Winter palace, so-called «the Winter small mansion», have constructed for Peter I in 1708. Presumably, it has been constructed by architect Domeniko Trezini. It was not stayd a long time, already in 1711 – to 1712 the same Trezini has erected on that place the Second Winter palace or «Wedding chambers». Peter's I and Ekaterinas wedding ceremony took place In it. In 1716 – 1720 architect G.I.Mattarnovi has constructed a two-storeyed stone palace – the Third Winter palace where Peter I has lead last years...

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Floating fountain on Neva

Perhaps, the youngest, but already drawing attention of all without exception of tourists and city dwellers, sight. The design in the size 70 on 70 meters is highlighted by projectors, video-and laser installations. It reminds the screen on which it is possible to show light show with music underneath. This unique hydraulic engineering construction...

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The building of Admiralty is one of the best architectural monuments of Petersburg. The ship on a spike of Admiralty is widely known as one of symbols of city on Neva. The word "Admiralty" means a site and repair of warships. The first shipyard in Petersburg have constructed in June, 1703 on a place of future Krownwerk of the Peter and Paul Fortress....

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Rostral columns

Two rostral columns-beacons have been included in ensemble of the Arrow of island Vasilevskogo under the project of French architect ZH.F.Tom de Tomon. The architect long and carefully worked above perfection of proportions of columns. The rostrum (in translation with latin means "beak") named a nose of the ship. In Ancient Rome it was accepted to celebrate victories over the sea columns which were decorated...

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Kasansky cathedral

In the beginning of XVIII century on a place of a cathedral the large village Perevedenskaya of «craft people» settled down. In 1733 – 1737 here, on the Neva prospectus under direction of architect M.G.Zemtsov the stone church of Christmas of the Virgin with a spike, reminded the Peter and Paul cathedral has been constructed. The wonder-working icon of Kazan Divine Mother was stored in this church – patronesses of the house of Romanovs...

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Smolny cathedral

Ensemble of the Smolny cathedral reflects two styles of Russian architecture – a baroque and classicism. The first female monastery of Petersburg – Sunday's virgin monastery is constructed on a place of a former Pitch court yard. From here there was a name – Smolny. The author of the project was the ingenious architect...

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Cruiser "Aurora"

At Peter (Petrograd) quay settles down one of the most well-known symbols of St.-Petersburg – the Cruiser "Aurora". The cruiser of 1-st rank the Aurora has been incorporated in Petersburg on shipyard «New Admiralty» in 1897. In the beginning of XX century the ship has become operational the fighting ships of the Russian fleet. During the Russian-Japanese war the cruiser "Aurora" participated in Cysimskaya battle (1905). Having received serious damages...

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