Walks on the rivers and channels of Petersburg, driving on boats in water areas of Neva and gulf of Finland, fascinating excursions!

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Храм Спас-на-крови On March, 1st, 1881 on a place of an existing temple emperor Alexander II has been fatally wounded by a bomb of one of members of a terrorist society «the National will». The name of a temple From here results – «Rescuee-on-blood». On a place of attempt there was erected a chapel, and have decided to construct a temple-monument later.

In competition on the best architectural project had priority both architect A.A.Parland and of Trinity-Sergian desert archimandrite Ignaty (in the world – have won I.V.Malyshev), the past – the student of the Academy of arts. Alexander III wanted, that the temple has been erected on «primordially Russian beginnings». Therefore authors of the project have taken for a basis architecture of Moscow and Yaroslavl, using thus, first of all, a composition of a temple of Vasily Blazhennogo (Pokrovsky cathedral) on the Red square in Moscow. Construction of a temple was conducted with 1883 on 1907. It is remarkable, that approximately as much years cunningly on restoration of a temple today.

That the place of wound of tsar has been concluded in walls of a cathedral, a building of a temple have established so close to the side of Ekaterininskogo the channel (nowadays Griboedov's channel). For this purpose have constructed the special continuous base, having put forward it in a channel on eight meters. External walls of a cathedral are decorated by a shaped brick, marble of "ten tones", tiles (a ceramic tile), a mosaic (the images made of separate slices of glasses, stones, etc.), and also figured platbands and kokoshniks (end of walls in the form of the pointed arch). Nine domes of a temple, which height makes eighty one meter, are shining paints of color enamels and gold. Twenty memorial boards on a socle of a temple, tell about the major events of reign of Alexander II.

Pediments of a cathedral are decorated by mosaic panels on the evangelical plots, executed under sketches of outstanding master V.M.Vasnetsova. Such, for example, as "carrying the Cross", "Crucifixion", "Removal from a cross" and "fall down to the hell". Northern facade of a building is decorated by a panel "Revivalof the Christ", M.V.Nesterov's works, western facade – a mosaic "the Crucifixion of the Christ" (A.A.Parland), southern – "the Christ in glory" (N.A.Koshelev). On a belltower of a temple which settles down directly above the channel on a special platform, the arms of provinces and areas of Russia are placed. Walls of a belltower decorate mosaics "the Jesus" (V.V.Belyaev) and "Mother of god" (N.A.Bruni). "the Jesus" is an icon with the image of the Savior in the middle and on the parties from it a praying Virgin and John Predtechi. In furnish of interiors "Rescuee-on-blood" the Italian marble and Russian semi-precious stones have been used: a jasper, rock crystal, topazes and others. On a place of fatal wound of Alexander II it has been established canopy with four columns from a jasper, a cross and openwork chain lattice. The richest assembly of products of Russian mosaic art, the area more than seven thousand fifty square meters (!), covers walls, the arches, columns of church, an iconostasis. This unique mosaic in a workshop of brothers Frolov's was created.

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Peter and Paul fortress
Griboyedova's channel
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Arrow of Vasilievsky island
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Rostral columns
Kasansky cathedral
Smolny cathedral
Cruiser "Aurora"

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