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New Holland

Новая Голландия New Holland is the artificial island limited by Krjukov and Admiralty channels and the river Moika. The island having by way of the correct triangular form, is the only thing from forty two islands of Petersburg, created by people. It was formed in 1717 when works on a construction of channels have been finished. The area of island – about fifty nine thousand square meters.

On island since 10th years of XVIII century stored and dried a wood used for construction of the ships in Admiralty. Originally these warehouses were wooden, but in 1765 – 1780 under the project of architects Z.B.vallen and S.I.Chevakinskogo have erected brick buildings. The complex of buildings of New Holland is executed in forms of early classicism. At that time the Admiralty channel reached Admiralty, therefore the wood on barges was delivered on the channel directly to shipyard. A wood in new warehouses stored on "Dutch" technology: dried a wood not horizontally as made earlier, and put logs vertically. From here there was also a name of a complex of buildings on island – New Holland.

One of the most known sights of a complex is the arch of New Holland constructed under direction of architect Z.B.vallen in 1779 – 1787. It has connected an arch the cases located along the river Moika. The harmonious and monumental construction is allocated with a rare combination of a red building brick and treated granite. Under the arch passes the channel connecting Moika with pool-harbour in the center of island. The height of an arch makes twenty three meters, and width of flight – hardly more than eight meters.

In XIX century under the project of the architect of military department A.E. Schtaubert in territory of island the Sea prison has been constructed. The architect during designing and has named constructions of a building its "Tower". However in people behind this structure other name – "Bottle" was fixed absolutely. Expression "do not climb in a bottle" just meant advice to behave reasonably, to not get there. Near to prison in the middle of XIX century the brick smithy has been constructed. In 1893 in territory of New Holland the unique test pool has been created. The outstanding scientist A.N.Krylov worked above the theory of "sinkless" of the ship here carried out in the beginning of XX century the researches. In days of the Soviet authority in territory of New Holland military parts were placed. In the beginning of 90th years of XX century there were attempts to sell island to foreign investors, but because of long negotiations with the military ministry the transaction and has not been carried out.

In November, 2004 the complex of buildings of New Holland has been given under jurisdiction of city. In February, 2006 have been summed up competition on reconstruction of New Holland. Has won the project developed at participation of the known British architect of Norman Fostera. According to the project, historical buildings of New Holland will be used under the modern purposes: in a building of Wood warehouses to be placed the museum, hotels and offices, and in a building of Sea prison – the chamber concert hall calculated on four hundred of places. Besides in territory of New Holland will appear the Palace of festivals on two thousand the places, the open amphitheater on three thousand places and eight new bridges for improvement of availability of a complex.

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